Each user has an employee page at ITscope. Each participant can be viewed by ITscope, but with different content.

The easiest way to get your own profile is to click on your own employee photo (1), then click on "My profile".

Here one has the opportunity to maintain or hide his contact data (2) and to provide a description of his person (3).

Directly below you is the Streambereich (4), where you can see the latest activities and comments.

In the right column there is a list of all employees of the company (5), with the possibility of further invite employees. Deactivated employees are shown separately grayed out.

Under their profile there are further settings for the profile in the form of tabreers (6).

Here one has to make opportunity more profile settings, permissions to be granted for the company, the individual API key or access log view.


In this tab, you can change your profile image as well as your login e-mail address or login password. In addition, all settings on the profile can be reset here.


In this area you can see your own permissions on the ITscope platform. Company administrators can these permissions change for each employee in the permission tab in each employee profile.

API key

In this area, each employee can have their own ITscope API access members.

If you need a new API key, you can generate these with the New API Key button. This will invalidate the old key!

Further information on the use of ITscope API , read the article about authentication credentials API


Access log

In the access log, each user has an overview of login and logout activities of the user account. It is possible to see when a login / logout took place, from which IP, with which browser and with which operating system these accesses took place.

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