List of Supplier sources each product

The sources about a product are displayed in the detailed preview of the product and on the product side.

The source list can grouped its own action bar (1) and / or by (2).

Here also there is a switch, which optionally as HEK or VK, according to the set price rules, indicating prices.

An icon at the top of a source line indicates an existing partner relationship with the relevant distributor (3).

In any case, the "Set up my prices" (4) can be used to switch to the configuration mode, which allows simpler selection of the relevant partners.


In the middle column you will get the item number of the distributor (5) and the availability of a source of supply (6). A warning symbol left of the item number of the distributor (5) contains infromation about the matching quality or some other critical issues with this supplier item.


If the realtime e-service furnished at distributor, the green symbol) appears next to the price. (7)

If no price is available, because as prices are displayed only with ID or prices are only available on request at distributor, will appear instead of the price a symbol (8).

If there is a partnership, the reading of prices is not established, appears instead of the price a symbol (9). When you click on this symbol, a dialog is opened which allows you to specify the corresponding configuration data.

For detailed information on a reference source are displayed when clicking a product line in a popup window.

By clicking on the shopping cart icon on the right side (10), the source is placed in the cart. After clicking on the icon, a message appears in which the relevant order is linked. The cart is part of the shopping Board, which is available at all times via the Menu.

Details per supplier source

To view all sources of source data from the respective vendor, simply click on the relevant source of supply.

Following a new window appears: the source window.

In this window, you will find all the information that the respective supplier transmits.

Starting from the name and country of origin of the distributor (1).

Right after you see the product category transmitted by the supplier (2).

In the area (3) You can view the transmitted by the Distributor Product Main and item description.

Important indication for condition, see the section (4). Here various information as to "new", "used", "reconditioned (refurbished)" etc. are.

On the left side of the transmitted purchase price (HEK), stock and EIA (6) You can also find all relevant data with regard to the distributor - and manufacturer part number and EAN (5).

In the area (7) are shown together all relevant availability data such as: stock, possibly transmitted feed rate, feed date and date / time stamp of the data.

The detailed pricing (8) can be found next important product information (9), such as: length, width, height, weight, tariff number,country of origin, matching quality(quality) etc.

In the price overview (10) You can view exact pricing and dates, and price of origin.

Depending on the data submitted by the vendor, the following three sources are distinguished:

  1. DEFAULT_PRICELIST: Price from general / standard pricelist
  2. CUSTOMER_PRICELIST: Price from individual price list
  3. CUSTOMER_REALTIME: Price from realtime price query

A price from the realtime is displayed primarily as the price from the individual price list, as well as a stock from the realtime is displayed primarily from the stock of the general price lists.

In the stock overview (11) you will find all relevant availability data such as: bearings - and outdoor inventory, feed rate, detailed status, dates, and source of the data.

The sources distinguish between the following:

  1. STOCK LIST: Stock of general / standard pricelist
  2. CUSTOMER_REALTIME: Price from realtime price query

Stock data from individual price lists are not taken into account, because this data is not personalized.

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