Products list retrieval / product search

Query by / products / search followed by key / value pairs that describe the search filter.

  • Each key may only occur once
  • The order of the key / value pairs does not matter
  • Key and Value are separated by an equals sign ( '=')
  • Key / Value pairs are separated by semicolons ( ';')
  • There are predefined keys, other entries make the URL invalid
  • in Value invalid characters need to be escaped, a space by the code% 20, a gate ( '#') by the code '% 23', a slash ( '/') by the code '% 2F', etc. The% Characters in the codes must be explicitly coded again with% 25 (double coding), eg% 2F as% 252F.
  • Key for a maximum of 50 values are specified, the per comma ( ',') separated

Search filter keys

  • Keywords: free search
    • Do not replace blanks with + but %20 e.g. a search for Lenovo Thinkpad I5 is equivalent to Lenovo%20Thinkpad%20I5 and not Lenovo+Thinkpad+I5
  • Ean: a product EAN
  • Puid: ITscope ID
  • Plzid: Reference source number
  • Pid: internal ITscope ID
  • Cnetid: Cnet product number
  • Hstpid: manufacturer number, SKU (should be used together with manufacturer or with keywords to restrict the manufacturer name)
  • Distpid: Product number of the distributor
  • Id: is interpreted as one of the internal ITscope IDs, with regression option on puid
  • Manufacturer (MAN): unique identification of the manufacturer
  • Producttype (SET): unique identifier of the product category
  • Distributor (PRL): unique identification of the supplier
  • Cluster (CLU): unique identifier of the property cluster

The resulting list can be empty, contain exactly one product, or multiple.


Query parameter plzproducts

This query parameter can also pricelist line products are found and displayed. These products have the ITscope online platform extension 999. This parameter is therefore not set by default false.

Query parameter realtime

With this query parameter, the realtime query is performed for all prices at the respective vendors. Vorraustzung for a realtime retrieval is successfully equipped realtime e-Service at the respective supplier.

Realtime price schedules can from load reasons, as these are passed directly to the interface of the supplier, only for ProductID queries with the following keys ean, puid, plzid, pid, cnetid, hstpid, distpid, id be used with a maximum total of 10 IDs .

Realtime price schedules can take up to 5 seconds, as these are passed directly to the interface of the supplier and up to 5 seconds to wait for the response from the supplier. This means that no real-time price can be loaded if the limit of 5 seconds is exceeded. Then the idividual price list price or the standard price is returned.

Query parameter sort

Product search can be sorted according to specific criteria.

Here is a list of the sorting criteria and their meaning:

  • DEFAULT: by relevance descending, no relevance is available, then analogous to IRANK.
  • PRICE_ASC: ascending price
  • PRICE_DESC: by price descending
  • SOURCES_COUNT: descending by number of sources
  • STOCK: according to stock descending
  • MANUFAKTURER_SKU: according to manufacturer article number descending
  • NAME_ASC: by product name ascending
  • NAME_DESC: by product name descending
  • QUAL: to qualify the product descending
  • TOPSELLER: by Top Product Rank (clicks last 4 weeks) descending
  • EXACT: after exact productId hit descending
  • IRANK: descending by general popularity rank, see field rank in format descriptions for products


Query parameter for historical data

Historical data and the appropriate request parameters are available in the API 2.1.


Search all products that fit a Manufacturer SKU:

In this example, the manufacturer SKU A7E34AA # ABB also the # was masked by '% 23', because of the # in the URL has a special meaning and can not be transferred unmasked. The% character in the code must again explicitly are encoded with 25% (double coding), including 23% as% 2523rd


Search for all products that match a manufacturer and its manufacturer's part number:

eg: Manufacturer Samsung (Id: 1015 determined on manufacturer API polling ) and Manufacturer Model MZ-75E250B / EU;manufacturer=1015/standard.xml

In this example, the Manufacturer Model "MZ-75E250B / EU" also the / character The% character in was masked by '% 2F', as the / character in the URL has a special meaning and can not be transferred unmasked. codes must again be explicitly coded with 25% (double coding), for example, as a% 2F% 252F.


Looking for a number of EANs:,7636490025914,8806086522977/standard.xml


Combine a category search with a Freitex search;keywords=SATA-600/standard.xml
Combine filters provides the trim of the individual filters. In this example, only SATA-600 hard disks are searched for


Call a Freitextsuche
In this example Lenovo Thinkpad I5 is searched.

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