Checklist for planning the project

  • API Key determine
  • Specifying an API Keys per user in the enterprise resource planning must be possible
  • ITscope API to know, even interactively possible
  • prepared Api Clients use and data model Create
  • User Agent Set
  • API Limits note
  • Data and output format set
  • Price lists Configure e-service at the partners who offer this service. It is not long to configure only the Realtime E-Service. Without active Pricelist E-Service in the export or the API there will be no individual prices or no prices at all.
  • From ca .5000 Product try data exports to create. We recommend to use exports, should not be a product selection possible, the products directly via the API batch edit (up to 50 IDs) / update.
  • If data exports used shall indicate one or more ExportIDs or ExportUrls be possible
  • Clarify whether pricelist line products are of interest
  • Clarify whether a re-import of an ITscope article should update the article data in the merchandise management, that is, overwrite any of its own changes
  • The installation of the integration should be as simple as possible



For an integration to take place at all, master data may have to be loaded. This master data changes very rare, so we recommend matching the master data once a day or even once a week.


Article plant and article updates


Orders, deals

Offers, quotes


Development of any middleware application

Not every commodity economy has a direct way to import or manipulate data about the database. There may be no possibility to run self-contained program code. Therefore, it may be necessary to write your own application that encapsulates access to database or merchandise management API. This plug-in or middleware applications is used to communicate with the merchandise industry.

The application must be installed on each workstation to the parts of the ITscope platform to realize.

More details are in the article - Product data sent directly from the online platform to a separate application - to find

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