In order to get historical price and stock data via ITscope API requests, you possibly need an upgrade of your plan. Please refer to the overiew of plans on

Historical data is only available as of API 2.1 and only for (products/ean, products/id, products/search) API Requests. Data exports do not provide historical data.

Request Parameters

To obtain historical data via API certain parameters have to be specified, these are also visible in the interactive API 2.1

  • historyFrom: The start time for historical data in the format yyyy-MM-dd. Only if this parameter is set and the above prerequisites are met will historical data be added to the response. It is not always necessary to pass the beginning of the month or the beginning of the week, because the corresponding aggregation method always automatically determines the first day of the month or the first day of the week.
  • historyTo: The end time for historical data in the format yyyy-MM-dd. If no value is transmitted, the default value is the current date.
  • historyAggregation: The granularity of historical data. Possible values ​​weekly for weekly and monthly for monthly aggregation. The parameter must be set as there is no default value.

Response times may vary depending on the requested time periods and aggregation, as vast amounts of historical data must be loaded and aggregated.

Data formats

The historical data is available in the API 2.1 data formats standard and developer. Please refer to the corresponding documentation.


Track price trend weekly of an iPhone X over the 2017 Christmas Season:


Search for „IPhone 8 Plus“ to retrieve historical price & stock info for a specific date:;producttype=130;keywords=%22iphone%208%20plus%22/standard.json?historyFrom=2017-11-15&historyTo=2018-01-22&historyAggregation=monthly


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