Structure of the ESD order

ESD order documents are processed only from API version 2.1. In older API versions, the ESD data is removed within the document and processed as a normal order.

The same structure as described in the article " Structure of the Order Document of a Standard Purchase Order " applies

For ordering ESD products, we have provided the following additional structure of the OpenTrans order:

All orders with ESD items have one thing in common: Customer data is required. In this case, parties with the PARTY_ROLE customer are used.

All required customer data: company name, contact person, address and contact e-mail address are stored in the customer party, eg

<ns2:PARTY_ID type="buyer_specific">K100023</ns2:PARTY_ID>
<ns2:STREET>Musterweg 12</ns2:STREET>
<ns2:PHONE type="office">+49 030/123456</ns2:PHONE>
<ns2:FAX type="office">+49 030/1234567</ns2:FAX>


There may be several customer parties, since one order may contain several ESD items and a reference to the customer party is deposited for each ESD item.

For normal hardware orders, a CUSTOMER_ORDER_REFERENCE entry per location is not necessary. With ESD it is absolutely necessary to provide a reference to the customer party, eg


<!--Referenz auf die Party des Endkunden, für dessen Kontaktdaten und Email Angaben -->
<CUSTOMER_IDREF type="buyer_specific">K100023</CUSTOMER_IDREF>



In order to recognize an ESD position within an order as such by ITscope, an appropriate REMARKS element with the attribute type="itscontracttype" (case sensitive) must be stored in the respective position for ESD orders.

<REMARKS type="itscontracttype">ESD</REMARKS> 


ESD is the constant of the contracttype interpreted by ITscope. If an ESD item in the purchase order is not declared as such by <REMARKS type="itscontracttype">ESD</REMARKS>, the item can not be processed as an ESD item.

The ESD email is not to be read directly from the CustomerParty in the Contact_Details from the XML field <ns2:EMAIL>, but has its own RemarksElement with the attribute type="itsesdemail" (case sensitive).

 <REMARKS type="itsesdemail"></REMARKS> 

The prefix "its" in the remark styles stands for as an abbreviation for ITscope, which is only for the info. So we can better distinguish ITscope's internal remarks from other Remarks.

Further itscontracttype attributes like service (eCarePacks, Support, Servicedienstste) or license are in planning, as well as for the order of licenses further remark types for contract numbers and other license additional data for the OpenTrans no own fields provided.


Download sample ESD orders

The files are provided with HTML comments in order to better understand the structure of an ORDER. This file also applies as a reference file for the test dispatch of an ESD order via the ITscope API method business/deals/send to the Partner Test DistributorId 10000735.



  • One ESD position is ordered (ItemId 1) for the customer K100023. The required Esd Email can be read out from <REMARKS type="itsesdemail"> in the respective LINE_ITEM and end customer data for the customer can be read from the corresponding customer party in the respective LINE_ITEM.
  • The data within the delivery party correspond, in the case of a pure ESD order, to the data from the party buyer.
  • The field <UDX.DROPSHIPMENT> must always be set to false in case of a pure ESD order



  • There are 2 positions ordered,
  • 1 Position (ItemId2) is an ESD position for the customer K100023. The required ESD email can be read out from <REMARKS type="itsesdemail"> in the respective LINE_ITEM and the end customer data for the manufacturer can be read from the corresponding customer party in the respective LINE_ITEM.
  • 1 Position (ItemId1) is a hardware position, which in this case is delivered to the delivery party via own delivery note (<UDX.DROPSHIPMENT> =true). In this position, there is no <REMARKS type="itscontracttype">ESD</ REMARKS> and no <REMARKS type="itsesdemail"> nor a reference to a customer party.
  • The <UDX.DROPSHIPMENT> field should be set to true in case of a order with own delivery note order, otherwise to false.


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