In order to enable complete ordering of licenses (such as ESD) in ITscope, you must mark your products correctly and uniquely.

Currently we support the following different license contract types:

Id Name Description and examples
0 Physical Physical "normal" product

"Electronic Software Delivery". In contrast to sending software by post, with the ESD software you can download your program directly from a server to the computer and use it immediately
For example: Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 ESD license

2 Service eCare Packs, Support, Exchange and Services such as: HP eCare Pack, Fujitsu Support Services, Warranty, Maintenance
3 License software licenses such as: Microsoft Open Licenses
3 CTO Aplle CTO


Which productart types are assigned to the products and sources of supply can be viewed directly via the platform in the product header area or via the API 2.1 [BETA] in the formats developer and standard.

With the help of the license contract type, appropriate ESD orders can also be created in the API 2.1 [BETA] and sent to the distributors who can automatically support and process ESD orders.

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