Structure of the order

Our system receives orders exclusively in an xsd-valid OpenTrans version 2.1 format .


Description of individual elements within the order

Order number (ORDER_ID):

  • We regenerate these for each API import and copy the customer order number sent to us by the foreign system into the field CUSTOMER_ORDER_REFERENCE-> ORDER_ID
  • ie in the ORDER sent to us, we copy the ORDER_ID to CUSTOMER_ORDER_REFERENCE-> ORDER_ID and generate an ITscope order number in the ORDER_ID

Participants (PARTIES):

  • Distributor as a supplier with the PartyID which is deposited in your system for the distributor.
  • Buyer therefore Invoice recipient PARTY_ROLE-> buyer with the PartyID which is stored in your system as customer number for the customer at the distributor.
  • Delivery recipient delivery, may differ from the buyer, possibly due to dropshipment


  • Set this field if the order is to be sent in partial deliveries
  • The field is defined as a mandatory field in OpenTrans, so it must be set to false

Dropshipment (UDX.DROPSHIPMENT):

  • Set this field when Dropshipment is desired. Must be coordinated with the distributor before.
  • This UDX field is NOT an optional field


  • This field is the number that the end customer receives as an order number
  • This UDX field is an optional field


  • This field is the number that the buyer can order for himself (internal company order number)
  • This UDX field is an optional field

Distributor Product number (SUPPLIER_PID type = "supplier_specific"):

  • This number is the unique item number of the supplier. We search for the article to be ordered from this number.

ITscope PUID (INTERNATIONAL_PID type="itscope"):

  • This number is the ITscope product number. It is a unique reference to the ITscope product.

Special bid number at special bid orders (SBO) (AGREEMENT_ID):

  • This number is the manufacturer agreement number. With this numberthe distribution can order the right items from the manucfaturer.

Download sample order files

The files contain XML comments (in German) in order to simplify understaning the structure of an ORDER. These files can also be used as reference files for sending a test order via the ITscope API method business/deals/send to the "Partner Test" SupplierId 10000735.

The file Example_ORDER_Testdistributor_Bestellung.xml is just an ordinary order.

The file Example_ORDER_Testdistributor_Bestellung_Dropshipment.xml is a dropshipment order.

The file Example_ORDER_Testdistributor_Bestellung_Projekt.xml is a special bid order (SBO) with the special bid price. The third position in this sample is a special bid item. This sample also shows that a mix of different items in one order is possible.


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